• High-depth-resolution range imaging with multiple-wavelength superheterodyne interferometry using 1550-nm lasers

  • Tracking, accelerating and recovering phase information for micro-organisms on a chip.

  • SAVI results

    SAVI: Synthetic Apertures for Visible Imaging

  • Subsampled Phase Retrieval for Lens-free On-chip Video

  • Compressive Holographic Video: Recovering 4-dimensional (3D position and time) information from a single image!

  • The real part of the PSF in x − z direction in FINCH.

  • Spatial-Spectral Representation for X-Ray Fluorescence Image Super-Resolution

  • Our Streamlined Photometric Stereo Framework for Cultural Heritage

  • Coherent camera arrays for high-resolution imaging of distant objects (e.g. faces 1000 meters away)

  • Ultra-Miniature Diffraction Gratings for Lensless Imaging

  • Incoherent Holographic Microscopy

  • High-Speed Compressive Video

  • Gauguin: Surface Shape Studies of the Art of Paul Gauguin

  • MC3D: Motion Contrast 3D Laser Scanner

  • Gigapixel Computational Imaging

We are building a new breed of cameras with increased functionality and performance that will transform the way cameras are built in coming decades, from low-end consumer imagers to high-end scientific instruments. Our research is in the emerging field of computational photography, which combines expertise in optics, image processing, computer vision, and computer graphics. We design, model and build systems that combine sensors, displays, and novel optical elements. The Computational Photography Lab is led by Prof. Oliver Cossairt, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University.