Forsyth Abstract

Relighting Pictures
David Forsyth
Fulton-Watson-Copp chair professor in Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I will describe methods that can adjust pictures, by inserting objects into the picture or by relighting them.  First, I will describe methods to understand and edit pictures of rooms.  Rooms and indoor spaces are important, because humans live and work there.  Robots
built to help humans with day to day tasks, from cleaning to care of the frail, will need to work in rooms.  There is now a rich literature studying methods to understand these indoor spaces from pictures and video.  I will discuss methods to model the overall shape of the space. I will show how these methods can be used to generate new pictures of the space, containing objects either represented using computer graphics models or obtained from other pictures.  The new pictures convincingly fool human observers, who believe that they are images of real scenes. I will then show that these methods can be adapted to edit faces in images, changing makeup, lighting, and some complexion and appearance details.